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Crosby Braverman


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About Him

Living... in a house boat, which kind of says everything you need to know about Crosby. But it’s telling that he’s not sailing the seas. He’s still anchored to shore close enough to see his parents and siblings for weekend dinners.

Profession... record producer. But Crosby only works enough to continue coasting through his comfortable, charmed life. He’s not a go-getter like his lawyer sister Julia or businessman brother Adam. After all,if he needs help with taxes or anything, he can just ask one of them to do it. Bravermans help Bravermans, no questions asked.  

Interests… music, drinking, and poker nights with the guys. He likes staying up late, sleeping in, and getting through the day with as few worries as possible. It has been a carefree life until his ex-girlfriend Jasmine knocked on his door with a five-year old named Jabbar who she says is his.

Relationship Status... dating Katie, who wants to settle down and start a family. He has been dragging his feet since that doesn’t fit in with his current lifestyle.

Challenge... being suddenly thrust into life as a father. How can he juggle his slacker lifestyle with the demands of raising a child? And how will he handle his long-term relationship with Katie when Jasmine returns after years away?

Personality... quirky, noncommittal, and a bit lazy. Crosby is a ladies’ man who loves to joke around. His goofy personality works as a way to pick up women, but it’s even more useful when he suddenly has to entertain a five year-old. As the baby of the family, he often looks to his older siblings for advice, and they’re always more than happy to lend a helping hand and tell him he’s being an idiot.

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