Cristina Peck
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Cristina Peck

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About Her

Grew Up... in lots of trouble. From a young age, Cristina was drawn to drugs and alcohol. Her health seemed irrelevant, and notions of family and the future didn’t make much sense to her.

Living… an apparently normal suburban life. She has a loving husband and two beautiful children. Cristina fully recovered from her drug abuse and spends a great deal of time swimming at a local pool. As long as she has her family as her support system, she will hopefully continue on the straight path, living the life she always deserved.

Profession… a family woman. She devotes her time to taking care of her children and keeping the house—and herself—in order.

Interests… swimming, family outings and other happy family get-togethers.

Relationship Status… married. Cristina’s husband helped her return to the world of the living. She owes herself to him completely, and is devoted to staying with him for the rest of their life as they raise a family together.

Challenge… remaining rehabilitated. As they say: once an addict, always an addict. Cristina chose a new path, but will never be free of her physical and psychological attraction to drugs. If something terrible happens to Cristina – or to her family – will she be able to face it without returning to the depths?

Personality… emotional, caring, devoted. Nowadays, when Cristina decides she’s going to stick to a plan, she sticks to it for life. She believes in her family, and can only see a bright future ahead. Her children have had a big impact on her life and as long as she keeps them close, she believes she will never return to her old ways. But does fate have something else in store for her?

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