Lucille Sharpe
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Lucille Sharpe

Crimson Peak

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About Her

Overview...the older sister of English baronet Thomas Sharpe. Lucille and Thomas grew up together in less than ideal circumstances: their mother was neglectful, their father was physically abusive, and their ancestral home was a crumbling, chilly ruin. It's on account of Allerdale Hall that the Sharpes are now in America, where Thomas is hoping to raise capital for a new invention that will revive their fortunes. While they haven't had much success so far, Lucille remains unperturbed, as if confident that somehow everything will work out.  

Personality...reserved, elegant, and enigmaticComposed and refined, Lucille appears to be the perfect model of a society lady. While her private nature makes her rather cool company, there's no doubting her fierce attachment to her brother. Behind Lucille's soft smile and pretty face, however, lies some darkness.

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