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Craig Jones


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About Him

Grew Up… on the dusty streets of '90s Los Angeles, dodging gangsters and bullies.

Living… in his childhood home with his mother, father, and sister. Money is tight, so the family sticks together, though the rules of the house are strict once you’re old enough to move out. As Mrs. Jones tells Craig, “Around here, you go to work or go to school. First of the month, the rent is due.”

Profession… UPS worker, until yesterday. Craig was fired from his job after being falsely accused of stealing cardboard boxes, which means that he finds himself completely without commitments on a lazy Friday in the middle of summer.

Interests… basketball, chasing girls, and lighting up with his aptly named best friend Smokey. Craig and Smokey can spend hours on the porch, slinging jokes and insults at each other while waiting for something interesting to happen on their street.

Relationship Status… in a relationship with his girlfriend Joi, though most of the time Craig wishes he wasn’t. She’s overbearing and aggressive, which means Craig is always on the lookout for another woman to become Joi’s replacement.  

Challenge… keeping out of trouble. With his father already on his back about getting a new job, Craig’s life gets even more complicated when one of Smokey’s drug dealer friends, Big Worm, comes to collect his payment. Unable to produce the cash, the pair of friends are given a harsh deadline to come up with the money before Big Worm returns and things get ugly. Wary of the looming confrontation, Craig remarks, “For most people, Friday's just the day before the weekend. But after this Friday, the neighborhood'll never be the same.”

Personality… brusque and defensive. Craig is sick of being broke and living at home, which puts him in a generally sour mood. He does find ways to relax, though, often warming up momentarily with jokes and conversations with Smokey before interacting with a neighbor puts him back into a sulk. Craig feels like most of his life he’s been too complacent, and after being fired he’s had enough. Emboldened to make a change, he’s willing to take more drastic action and confront the things that bother him, even if those actions turn out to be quite dangerous. 

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