Craig Gilner

Craig Gilner

    It's Kind of a Funny Story
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… dealing with the various pressures of his family. Unfortunately, at one point the stresses come to a head. Craig considers ending it all by jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge. As a result, he spends a week inside a hospital's psych ward for an evaluation.

Living… in a perpetual state of anxiety, in New York City. Craig has to deal with the fact that his parents, especially his dad, are pressuring him to apply to a prestigious summer school called Gates. Craig also lives in the perpetual shadow of his friend Aaron, who seems to succeed at everything he does, which seems to be a contributing factor to his contemplated suicide.

Profession… student. Studying at the executive pre-professional high school has taken a toll on Craig.

Interests… art. At one point, Craig paints a beautiful detailed city, which he describes as his brain.

Relationship Status… crushing on his best friend Aaron's girlfriend, Nia. He finds himself also forming a bond with another patient at the psych ward, Noelle. Although a little morose and jaded, Noelle is honest and starts to really care for Craig.

Challenge… trying to overcome and deal with his problems rather than trying to escape them. Craig needs to realize that despite extreme external pressures, he has to make a path for himself. Thankfully, he finds someone to help him on his journey – a 40-something patient Bobby, a father who has tried to kill himself six times. The two become each other's mentors, giving advice to one another.

Personality… a little nervous, wired, and extremely high strung. At one point, Craig expresses the near explosive pressure he's under: "Like I'm on the verge of just blowing up. All the stress and pressure and anxiety just bubbling up. But I'm never able to let it out like that. You know, I just keep it inside."


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