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Count Dracula

Hotel Transylvania

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About Him

Living… in his very own, five-star, monster-exclusive hotel in Transylvania. He lives luxuriously and spends a lot of time making sure his guests are taken care of and are enjoying their stay under his hospitality. 

Profession… manager of Hotel Transylvania. Shortly after his daughter was born, Drac (as his friends like to call him) constructed the castle for him and Mavis to live in. He then opened up the castle into a hotel, free for all his monster friends to stop by on a vacation. Mavis is now 118 years old, but he still looks out for her as his child.

Interests… flying around in his bat form is one of his favourite powers, amongst others like telekinesis, super speed, hypnosis, and super strength. He also enjoys playing his ukulele for Mavis. 

Relationship Status… widowed. Drac is still madly in love with Martha, because they “Zing”-ed, a “love at first sight” feeling that only comes once in your life. Life without her will never be the same. 

Challenge… avoiding humans. Martha died in a fire set off by humans in his original home. Since then, he has been raising their daughter under his protective wing so that no humans could harm them again. 

Personality… quirky and funny with a dark side. All his friends, including Wayne Werewolf, Frankenstein, and Murray the Mummy (among many others), will tell you Drac is hilarious. He knows how to have fun and is a great monster to hang out with. But beneath all that, he harbours real pain at his loss of Martha. Even if he doesn’t outwardly show it, Drac is constantly confronting sad memories that haunt him every day. Despite that, he does his best to be a devoted and caring father. 

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