Corvo Attano

Corvo Attano


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in Serkonos. Despite his lower-class origins in Karnaca, Serkonos, Corvo eventually rose up the ranks in the capital city Dunwall and became the first Royal Protector not born in the Imperial stronghold of Gristol.

Living... as a marked man. After being framed for the murder of Empress Jessamine Kaldwin, Corvo escaped prison and was granted supernatural powers by an amoral, otherworldly entity called the Outsider via its mark.

Profession... assassin. Formerly the Empress’ bodyguard, Corvo joined the Loyalist Conspiracy as an assassin to help aid their cause of removing the usurper, Royal Spymaster Hiram Burrows, from power.

Interests... gadgetry. In addition to his Outsider powers of strength and stealth, Corvo likes to use several odd gadgets like spring razors, chokedust, and sticky grenades.

Relationship Status... single, but formerly in a relationship. Corvo was more than just a bodyguard to the Empress; he was her lover as well. They tried to keep it a secret but many throughout the kingdom suspected the truth. Some even believe Corvo is the true father of the Empress’ daughter, Emily Kaldwin.

Challenge... bringing the Empress’ true killer to justice. To restore his honor, save the kingdom, and avenge his beloved, Corvo must use his new abilities to take down Burrows and restore Emily, the true heir to the empire, to the throne.      

Personality... loyal. As a bodyguard, Corvo was fiercely devoted to the Empress and the empire she ruled. Because of that love and loyalty, Corvo is dedicated to righting all of the wrongs that have occurred. To him, it’s personal.


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