Corky St. Clair

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Corky St. Clair

Waiting for Guffman

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About Him

Overview… a 25-year veteran on the New York theatre scene with a new challenge. Corky is brought in by the city council of Blaine, Missouri – the “stool capital of the United States” – to put together a musical for the town Sesquicentennial (150th anniversary). Corky pulls some strings to get Broadway producer Mort Guffman to fly out and see their show. If Corky can whip his ragtag cast of townsfolk into shape enough to impress Guffman, Red, White, and Blaine may be headed to Broadway. And wouldn't that be something?

Personality… cheery, odd, effeminate. Corky has a keen eye for women’s fashion and buys most of his wife Bonnie’s clothes, though nobody in Blaine has ever actually seen the supposed Bonnie. The Sherlock Holmes-quoting Corky takes a spiritual approach to his musicals, viewing the production process as a wrestling match between himself and the muse of theater. He is ultimately a compassionate director who inspires his cast members to believe that they do, in fact, have talent. (Whether or not they actually do.) And for that they adore him.

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Corky St. Clair
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