Constance Langdon

Constance Langdon

    American Horror Story

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Los Angeles, at the neighboring home of the infamous Murder House, named as such because of the, well, multiple murders that have happened there. The Harmon family is currently there, and despite going over often, Constance hates them and their housekeeper, Moira. She lives with her daughter, Adelaide, who is in her thirties now.

Profession… former actress. Constance had always wanted to become a movie star, so she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream when she was younger. She did screen tests but said that every role required nudity, and she wasn’t comfortable with that. Now she is the owner of a doggy daycare. She runs a kennel out of her house, and she only wants to have purebreds in her home. 

Interests… baking and gossiping. Constance is usually at home, so she can’t help but become involved in the lives of her neighbors.

Relationship Status… divorced. She had four kids with her husband, Hugo, and despite the pair being very attractive, said that none of the kids were remotely close to the beauty of their parents. The marriage wasn’t a storybook one either, as he cheated on Constance with their housekeeper. She has moved on and is involved with Travis Wanderly, a younger wannabe actor. Travis likes spending time with her daughter, Adelaide, but Constance is jealous of that. She also has other admirers, but none are mutual.

Challenge… keeping her family together. Constance and her family have been faced with tragedy after tragedy. As Constance says, “Tragedy was preparing me for something greater. Every loss that came before was a lesson. I was being prepared. Now I know for what.”

Personality… highbrow, self-involved, and nosy. Constance cares deeply about her appearance, and she looks down on others that don’t match these standards. Despite praising herself for being a Christian, Constance has questionable morals. She will quietly ruin someone’s life and do it gracefully. When it comes to her family, Constance is superstitious and can be more controlling than protective. 


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