Constance Carmell
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Constance Carmell

Party Down

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About Her

Living... in Los Angeles. Constance once had dreams of making it big in Hollywood, but in her older years has resigned herself to a simpler and less stressful life in the service industry.

Profession... caterer at Party Down. Constance was previously an actress, as almost all of her co-workers strive to be; but unlike her coworkers, Constance actually enjoys working at Party Down. She is incredibly agreeable (though very spacey) and seems to really value the time she gets to spend with her fellow caterers. Though likely still the worst at her job, she is the only one that shows any semblance of enthusiasm at the company's events.

Interests... her coworkers. Constance attempts to have a personal relationship with all of the people she works with. She is especially fond of Kyle, whom she tries to mentor. They are both blond, ditzy, excitable, and very committed to the characters they have developed, marking them as outcasts in a company filled with sarcastic pessimists.

Relationship Status... single. Constance seems too happy to care about dating. This isn’t to say that Constance is celibate – in her youth she was a wild-child, and is incredibly candid about her past sexual escapades. She will share incredibly graphic stories with little provocation: "I was once involved in a workplace romance. It kinda got out of hand. It was a sex explosion.” Throughout these revealing anecdotes Constance’s coworkers often beg for her to stop – but she is as oblivious to their pleas as she is to everything else.

Challenge... dealing with her naivety. Constance will believe nearly anything and is thus very prone to the deception of the ever-sarcastic Party Down crew. Their tricks are usually in jest and Constance doesn't ever realize when she is the butt of a joke, but it does make her an easy target.

Personality... sincere, never displaying even a hint of irony or sarcasm (in fact, she doesn’t even seem to understand the concepts). She isn't very smart, but is happier for it. She constantly exudes happiness and can only see the good in other people. Because of this unflinching optimism, she is a quintessential 'people person', interested in making others feel good and helping them in any way possible. As she tells her coworker Henry in response to his wariness of continuing to pursue a career in acting: "Dreams are a life force. Keep going strong."

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