Assassin's Creed Series

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… tragically. Connor was raised by his mother in the Mohawk village of Kanatahséton. A child of two worlds, half-Native American and half-British, he was born Ratonhnhakéton but later adopted the name “Connor.” His father was an Englishman named Haytham Kenyway who left Connor’s mother when Connor was very young. Haytham was, unbeknownst to Connor, a member of the ancient Assassin Order – a fact that might somehow be connected to the massacre of Connor’s village by the Assassins’ ancient rivals, the Templars.

Living… on the colonial frontier during the Revolutionary War. The destruction of Connor’s home has forced him to become a wanderer.

Visiting… Boston, New York, and various other cities throughout colonial New England. Connor’s on a quest to avenge his village and eliminate the Templars. It’s a journey that will take him throughout New England and tie his fate to that of the American Revolution.

Profession… Assassin. The Assassins are an ancient order dedicated to upholding peace and freedom in the face of the secretive, manipulative, and powerful Templars. This secret war has been going on for hundreds of years, and has played a role in almost every major world conflict.

Relationship Status… single. Connor is fully devoted to his work and doesn’t have the time to settle down. He would never repeat the mistakes of his father, who left his mother shortly after she gave birth to him.

Challenge… eliminating the Templars and securing freedom for the American people. Connor is initially motivated by the simple desire to avenge his mother and the other members of his village. However, as he slices his way closer and closer to the heart of the Templar order he begins to realize that the stakes are much higher than personal vengeance – the fate of entire nations hangs in the balance. Connor will have to face dangerous foes, unravel a sprawling conspiracy, and confront the truth about his mysterious and powerful father.

Personality… idealistic, reserved, and fanatical. Despite his skills, Connor is usually quite humble, and never speaks unless he has something pertinent to say. The world has not been kind to Connor, but he does not allow himself to become jaded. Instead he creates meaning for himself by following a strict and unbreakable code of honor. Serious and focused, Connor has very little sense of humor and dedicates himself to dealing with the weighty issues of corruption, justice, and violence.


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