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Grew Up… in a hell dimension, with his foster father Holtz. Holtz put him through a punishing training regimen, teaching not only how to fight against the demons that attacked them daily, but also teaching him to hate his real father, Angel.

Living… in Los Angeles. Connor finally broke out of the hell dimension, and came looking for his biological father, Angel. But he’s not planning a warm and cozy reunion. He’s here to kill Angel, whom he believes to be completely evil.

Profession… fighter. Connor had to be tough to survive, and so he is. He’s more than a match for any vampire or demon who comes his way. In fact, his strength seems almost… inhuman.

Interests… not much room for anything besides fighting. Connor’s had a tough childhood. He does appear to like junk food, though, like any normal teenage boy.

Relationship Status… single. He and Holtz were the only humans back in the hell dimension. But now that he’s on Earth, his eighteen-year-old brain might start kicking into gear. He’s a little awkward when it comes to people, though.

Challenge… either defeating Angel, or learning the truth. While Holtz never technically lied to Connor about Angel, he twisted the truth, only telling Connor about the bad things, and neglecting to mention that Angel had reformed. Now Connor wants to kill him, but Angel just wants to reconcile with his son. Will Connor stop punching long enough to realize he could have a happy life in Los Angeles?

Personality… angry, unstable, and manipulative. Much of Connor’s life has been shaped by hatred, both his own and Holtz’s. He seems happiest when he’s fighting, because at least then, he knows what he’s doing and how to do it. Because of his upbringing, he has difficulty connecting to people, even people he doesn’t hate. He’s not above pretending to like Angel to get close to him, either. But underneath, Connor is human – he loves Holtz, and he’s got a good sense of humor (albeit sarcastic) if he relaxes enough.

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