Connor Mead
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Connor Mead

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

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About Him

Grew up… a good-natured kid. However, things changed when he saw his crush Jenny, one of his earliest childhood friends, dance with and kiss another boy. From then on, Connor became guarded and swore off true love and commitment.

Living… a lavish lifestyle with a revolving door of meaningless flings. When Connor drunkenly gives a toast at his brother's wedding saying that love isn't real, he is visited by the ghost of his playboy uncle, Wayne, who taught him all about the art of seducing women while he was alive. Wayne’s ghost says Connor will be visited by three ghosts of girlfriends — past, present and future — who will instruct him on the error of his ways.

Profession… respected photographer and notorious womanizer. Connor has a pretty low opinion of the institution of marriage, and wonders aloud: “When did casual sex become a crime?”

Interests… women, women and more women. Although his Uncle Wayne had ingrained in him to shirk off all romance and focus only on getting women into bed, Connor truly loves someone, but can’t seem to admit it. The ghosts show Connor how his insecurities have caused a lot of harm, and how women secretly laugh at his inability to be serious.

Relationship Status… in love with Jenny. They hooked up once, but because Connor got scared of his own love for her, he left without saying goodbye. Can he change his ways enough, in just one night, to get her back for good?

Challenge… overcoming his fear of being hurt and changing his womanizing habits. The Ghost of Girlfriends Future predicts that all he has ahead of him is destitute loneliness. If he wants to find happiness with the woman he loves, Connor has to do some serious introspection, and change his attitude about love.

Personality… charming but a little skeevy. Connor is the definition of a cocky playboy who needs a serious reality check. While there’s nothing wrong with being single, of course, Connor knows deep down that he’s unhappy, and he has to learn to stop putting up a front if he’s ever going to find a meaningful, love-filled life.

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