Connor MacLeod
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Connor MacLeod


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Overview… arguably mankind’s best hope. Connor was born in 1518 in the Scottish Highlands, a member of the MacLeod clan. When Connor’s clan went to war with another, he was gravely injured and should have died. But he didn’t, and his clan exiled him, suspecting magic. Still, he managed to live a decent life, until a mysterious man named Ramirez tells him that they are both immortals, doomed to fight other immortals to the death until there is only one left. Ever since then, Connor has honed his sword-skills and fought his way though the years.

Personality… hot-tempered, a bit rough around the edges, but a good man. Connor grew up in the 16th century, and he’s still not the most polite person in the world. He doesn’t take insults or anything he hears as criticism well, and he’s got a lot of pride. But he cares about honor and protecting the innocent. That’s one of the reasons he has to win. For if another, less savory, immortal is the last standing, humanity could be in serious trouble.

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