Conner Friel
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Conner Friel

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

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About Him

Overview... ex-boy band member who rose to improbable heights of fame with his smash album “Thriller, Also.” Now on the eve of the release of his much-anticipated follow up album, Connor is under a lot of pressure. Early reviews aren’t great, his washing machine promotional tie-in is a risky move, and his DJ, Owen, is starting to realize Conner doesn’t really respect him.  

Personality...  selfish, short-sighted, and big-headed. Conner got on board the wave of success as a young man and hasn’t prepared for its eventual crash. After the dissolution of his childhood boy band, Style Boyz, Conner had a lot of people on his payroll, but not many friends. He’s surrounded by yes men and it’s warped his outlook on life. If he’s going to survive an onslaught of “next big things” he’s going to have to learn to fail and adapt.

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