Conker the Squirrel

Conker the Squirrel

Conker's Bad Fur Day

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About Him

Grew up... with a loving family. As a child, Conker was taught to be nice and polite. However, while he tries to maintain these values as an adult red squirrel, he hasn’t been very successful.

Living... in an alcoholic haze. Conker frequently goes out binge drinking with his friends and becomes so drunk that he can barely remember where he is or where he has been.

Visiting... The Fairy Panther Kingdom. After stumbling off in the wrong direction after a typical night out, Conker finds himself in this bizarre fantasy world that he thought was just a legend.

Profession... whatever someone needs him to be. Conker’s quest to escape the Fairy Panther Kingdom requires him to do a lot of odd jobs, ranging from robbing banks for the Weasel mob to fighting in a war against fascist teddy bears.

Interests… getting wasted. Conker has plenty of vices. He is a lewd, rude, and violent gambler. But alcohol is by far his substance of choice.

Relationship Status... in a rocky relationship. Conker and his live-in hooker girlfriend Berri really do seem to love each other. However, Conker’s less-than-ideal lifestyle has definitely put a strain on their relationship.

Challenge... finding his way home. The Fairy Panther Kingdom is a weird and dangerous place that would be hard for someone to escape from even if they were sober. But Conker will have to do it if he wants to make his way home and see Berri again. As he says, “It’s what I call… a bad fur day!”

Personality... wild, greedy, and self-destructive. Although he may look cute and cuddly, Conker is a tough but free-spirited squirrel with a dangerous side. He might try to mask it with a joke or two, but Conker really is spiraling out of control. And based on some of his brief moments of introspection, he seems to know it.

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