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About Him

Grew Up… in “the nondescript spacefuture.” Commander Badass (or just “Commander” for short) was a super-soldier, genetically engineered along with his siblings to be a super-cool action hero. He spent plenty of time fighting Vikings and flying spaceships, but he wasn’t too pleased with the non-consensual genetic upgrades and cybernetic implants. So he got out.

Living… in our day and time, if not in our world, exactly. Commander’s world looks a lot like ours, except that video game and movie characters are real people, being a Pokemon trainer is a real profession, and there’s a lot of scientifically dubious technology.

Profession… temp-agency owner. Commander runs a business that helps overly macho men reintegrate into society. A lot of them only know how to fight things, but that can’t be your career forever. Commander finds jobs that suit each man’s unique abilities.

Interests… everything manly. Working out, drinking beer, barbequeing, dispensing hard-won wisdom – he’s the very picture of a man’s man.

Relationship Status… divorced. Things didn’t work out between Commander and his ex-wife, but he still spends as much time as he can with his two kids. She has custody, but he can see them whenever; the divorce wasn’t hostile.

Challenge… helping fellow manly men get by in this not-so-macho world. Commander is uncommonly well-adjusted to society – his creators actively attempted to give him a tragic backstory, which he responded to by hiring a lawyer and a therapist. Now he’s helping others with that same practical attitude. And, of course, cleaning up the catastrophes that result when ludicrously macho men lose their cool.

Personality… manly, practical, and wise. Commander might be a badass, but he’s living proof that you don’t have to be a jerk, too. He takes care of people around him, encourages them to believe in themselves, and is generally a good guy. That said, he has a couple of things that really set him off. For instance, don’t ever insult Marlon Brando in front of him unless you like being beaten into a bloody pulp.

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