Beasts of No Nation

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in no one place for too long. He leads his rebels throughout various villages on their way to conquer the Western part of Africa.

Profession… war leader. The Commandant has been tasked with building a squadron of rebel troops, and he reports directly to the NDF leader, Dada Goldblood. Goldblood communicates with the Commandant via radio and gives him instructions on how to proceed. While he doesn’t fight himself, he is essentially in charge of every other aspect of the war effort. The Commandant is a savvy war general, as his squadron NDF, has gained a reputation of being an efficient and deadly group that has taken over large regions in West Africa in a coup.

Interests… money. As a reward for his wartime efforts, the Commandant expects compensation in the form of the share of resources that have been accumulated in the overthrowing of the villages.

Challenge… winning the war they started. If their coup is not ultimately successful, he will be charged with war crimes and killed. To assure victory, the Commandant rules his army of young kids with an iron fist and trains them to become ruthless killers. It is the Commandant’s job not only to teach them how to handle weaponry, but to change their perspective on life itself. He believes a soldier should be disciplined, alert, and most of all should be prepared to kill at any moment. The kids who serve him have no one else, so he is a father figure to them. They look up to the Commandant and want his approval—even if that means taking a machete to innocent citizens. The Commandat has become particularly close to a young boy named Agu, who is one of the most promising solders.

Personality… ruthless, intelligent, and greedy. The Commandant is an imposing figure who is a charismatic leader. He is a sort of God in the young boys’ eyes, as they obey his every command. But make no mistake: he is a ruthless war tactician with no regard for human life and with only personal gain on his mind.


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