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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in the most sheltered suburban family possible. Columbus is such a natural shut-in that he probably wouldn’t have noticed that the world was overrun by zombies if his infected neighbor hadn’t slipped into his apartment.

Living… in a perpetual state of fear - but that’s a good thing. Columbus’ uptight and organized nature has kept him alive in a comically hostile world. He’s even formulated a list of tips for surviving. “The first rule of Zombieland: Cardio.”

Profession… former college student. Columbus doesn’t have much need for a degree now, seeing as he’s living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. He arbitrarily decides to head back home to Ohio, even though he knows there’s nothing there but more zombies.

Interests… video games, television, and other things that don’t involve social interaction. Now that he lives in Zombieland, he doesn’t have much time for any of these fun things, but he still tries to avoid anything that might be construed as truly “living life.”

Relationship Status… you can’t have a girlfriend if you don’t talk to any girls, right? Columbus isn’t currently tied down, but the alluring Wichita catches his eye while he's on the road.

Challenge… do you really have to ask? Zombies. Since there’s no economy, government, infrastructure, or help on the way, Columbus has to stay alive in a world where most of the population is trying to eat his brains.

Personality… timid and high-strung. Columbus has been a wimp and an introvert his whole life, so no one is more surprised he survived the apocalypse than him. He’s afraid of everything, but he’s also conscious of how absurd his phobias are. This means he’s able to tackle his fears with a certain optimism, even in the face of such a bleak future. Columbus doesn’t have much experience with face to face interaction, which means he’s more nervous about running into uninfected people than he is about running into zombies.


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