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Grew Up playing pinball and committing a variety of childish pranks, which he jokes that he has to make up for by becoming a cop. Columbo was born and raised in New York City, in a neighborhood near Chinatown. He was part of a large Italian family that never had much money, but made it through. 

Living in Los Angeles, where he moved to join the LA Police Department. 

Profession  a lieutenant with the LAPD.  Columbo’s keen instincts and disarming manner make him one of the LAPD’s most successful homicide detectives. He lives for his job, and works very hard. 

Interests Columbo knows a little bit about everything, especially including cooking, classical music, and playing the tuba.  His encyclopedic knowledge has led his wife to remark that there is “something wrong” with him. 

Relationship Status happily married. His wife is a bit reclusive, though, and is rarely seen. 

Challenge solving murders among LA’s rich and famous. Columbo is one of the best homicide detectives in LA—in fact, sometimes the suspects try to get him removed from the case—but that means he’s given some of the trickiest cases. Through a combination of brains and his signature ability to throw suspects off their guard, Columbo often manages to ferret out information other detectives would miss.  

Personality… hard-working, intelligent, and optimistic. Totally dedicated to his job, Columbo claims that he’s not the smartest person on the force, but that he has studied and worked more to get where he is. He is almost always polite, and once said, “Even with some of the murderers that I meet, I even like them too [ ] for that part of them which is intelligent or funny or just nice. Because there's niceness in everyone, a little bit, anyhow.”

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