Colter Stevens
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Colter Stevens

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Overview… a decorated Army helicopter pilot on assignment in Afghanistan, as far as he knows. Thus Colter Stevens is surprised to suddenly wake up in a secret government program tasked with capturing a bomber on a Chicago commuter train. Initially excited to be in America, he tries to contact his parents but discovers that the program keeps him in total isolation. Out of his element, the soldier struggles to grasp his task and the methods by which he’s expected to complete it.

Personality… excitable and honest. Confused about how he ended up in the program and how it works, Colter gets agitated easily when he cannot understand something – which leads him to at times take violent actions without truly thinking them through. He connects to people emotionally and is invested in saving the lives of the people on the train, even though he doesn’t really know them at all. He is confused, scared, and determined, and unafraid to show these emotions.

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