Colin Sullivan
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Colin Sullivan

The Departed

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About Him

Grew Up… in South Boston, where Frank Costello runs the Irish mafia. Costello takes Colin under his wing and even helps Colin enter the academy to train as a Massachusetts State Police officer.

Living… as a mole for Costello. Because of his college degree, Colin was able to rise quickly through the ranks. When he learns there is an undercover police rat among Costello’s gang, Colin must discover who it is before his own cover is blown.

Profession… detective in the Special Investigations Unit. Secretly, though, Colin is working for the Irish mafia. He leads a double life, which makes both lives difficult.

Relationship Status… seeing Madolyn, a state psychiatrist. Colin is attracted to her intelligence and beauty. Even though they have been dating for a while, his double life keeps him from opening up to her.

Challenge… discovering the rat in Costello’s unit. But it won’t be easy – especially because the department might be onto him. 

Personality… funny and clever. But, he obviously has inner turmoil about his double life. These conflicts sometimes get in the way of his everyday life, even making his sex life a tightrope to navigate.

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