Cole Sear
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Cole Sear

The Sixth Sense

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About Him

Overview... a 9-year-old who claims to see dead people. Cole is haunted to the point that his mother sends him to child psychologist Malcolm Crowe, who had tried to help a similar case in the past, but failed. Cole works closely with Malcolm to explore his purported experiences with dead people, and how he can overcome his fears and make peace with himself and those around him.

Personality… troubled, afraid, sensitive, and perceptive. His unusual “gift” aside, Cole is mostly a normal elementary school kid. He partakes in the school plays, and feels jealousy toward popular students. But unfortunately Cole gets bullied – not only by fellow students but also by the dead people he sees. According to Cole, the ghosts he meets are angry and have unfinished business. No one believes Cole, so he mostly keeps his experiences secret – except with Malcolm.

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