Clyde Barrow
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Clyde Barrow

Bonnie and Clyde

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About Him

Living… on the run during the Great Depression. Clyde has been moving through the Bible Belt hitting up any place he can rob, before jumping back into his car and zooming right off. Who needs a house when you’re living life on the road?

Profession… bank-robber. Clyde, along with his new partner Bonnie, have made something of a name for themselves in just a few months. The papers love them – heck, even the people at the bank love it when they see the infamous Barrow gang show up. People need something to look forward to, something to admire.

Interests… robbing banks and living the fast life. The banks have put up extra reward money for the Barrow gang and the compliment is well taken. But Clyde thinks it's a big waste of time on their part. As he tells a Texas Ranger, “You ought to be home protectin’ the rights of poor folk, not out chasin’ after us!”

Relationship Status… with Bonnie ‘til death do they part. Bonnie is the lady who decided to drop it all and rob banks with him. She was bored with what she had going for her; she was just a pretty girl looking for something to do. That girl is tough as nails, and that's the only kind of girl who can hang with Clyde. He’s not exactly a romantic, but knows Bonnie is always going to be his trusty companion.

Challenge… keeping their racket up as long as possible. Clyde always knew he could play this game on his own with no liabilities. Now that more people have gotten involved, he’s opened himself up to risk. When his friend Buck and his wife Blanche join the gang, Blanche becomes quite a handful to deal with. Bonnie's been fed up with her since the minute she showed up.

Personality… rebellious, charming, and devious. Some people are born to be the President, and some are born to rob banks. Clyde was never one for rules and never had any patience for institutions. It's not that he doesn’t understand the law; he just sees himself as living outside it. He can’t see himself changing anytime soon – he’ll keep being an outlaw ‘til the day he dies.

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