Clubber Lang
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Clubber Lang

Rocky Series

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About Him

Overview... hard-punching, intimidating contender for boxing’s heavyweight championship. An orphan who grew up mostly on the mean streets of Chicago’s South Side capped by “finishing school” – prison – Clubber has discovered that he can put his rage and fists to more profitable use in the boxing ring. Frustrated that he hasn’t gotten a shot at champ Rocky Balboa despite knocking out all comers, Clubber talks his way into a fight by propositioning Rocky’s wife, Adrian, at a public event. But Clubber should be careful what he wishes for.  

Personality... charismatic, but arrogant and angry. Clubber had an admittedly tough background, but while that makes much of his behavior understandable, it doesn’t excuse it. Clubber is rude, antagonistic, and disrespectful even to established boxing greats like Apollo Creed. But in the ring, Clubber’s raw ferocity can approach a kind of beauty.

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