Cloud Strife

Cloud Strife

    Final Fantasy Series

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up... in the small village of Nibelheim. A quiet and unremarkable village, Nibelheim’s tranquility was shattered a few years ago, when Sephiroth slaughtered the villagers and razed the town the ground. In the chaos Cloud’s mother and most of the other people he knew were killed. His only surviving link to home is his childhood friend, Tifa Lockheart.

Living... in the Sector 7 Slums underneath the capital city of Midgar. Cloud doesn’t stick around in one place for too long, though.

Profession... wandering mercenary and former member of the elite force, SOLDIER. Cloud joins the eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE at the request of his former childhood friend Tifa in order to launch an attack on the corrupted megacorporation, the Shinra Electric Power Company.

Interests… fighting, riding his motorcycle, and protecting his friends and their planet from harm. Cloud enjoyed his solitary life until a turn of events throws him into a misfit gang of heroes who must work together to save their home planet, Gaia.

Relationship Status... single, and torn between two women. Cloud is a lone wolf type, but he’s always had a crush on his neighbor Tifa. Working together for Avalanche would seemingly be the perfect time to make a move – if Cloud wasn’t also distracted by his growing attraction towards the spirited flower girl, Aerith Gainsborough.

Challenge... stopping the evil Shinra Company from sucking the Lifestream out of the planet Gaia. Cloud’s former idol and rival, the super soldier Sephiroth, wants to use the Lifestream to become a god. Cloud will have to rely on an unlikely band of heroes to help him find and defeat the insane and egomaniacal Sephiroth. As if that wasn’t enough for him to handle, Cloud is also wrestling with troubling internal questions. His memories of the past don’t seem to align with reality, causing him to question who he really is. 

Personality... reserved, stoic, selfless, and a little cocky. Cloud knows his strengths and uses them to fight for good. Although he becomes the loyal leader of his group, he’s a quiet person who tends to keep others at a distance. Due to a mysterious and tragic past, Cloud struggles with sharing his emotions and chooses to bury them instead.


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