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Living… in London, in a giant villa he inherited from a childless uncle. Although Clive converted part of it into a studio and lives there alone now, it’s a place with a rich history. Many friends and celebrities had stayed there, including John Lennon and Yoko Ono, and his onetime lover Molly Lane even lodged there for a year. A housekeeper keeps the place tidy.

Profession… classical composer. Clive has been hired to write a symphony for the new millennium, and all he’s missing is the important central melody.

Interests… music, hiking, and Molly. Nature gives him the ideas for his music. And Molly, well, she was a very big part of his life once, and he misses her now that she’s gone.

Relationship Status… currently single. His work right now is more important than anything else.

Challenge… not dying mindless and helpless like Molly, and writing a piece of music that he will be remembered for. The millennial symphony will probably be his legacy. It’s mostly finished, but he still hasn’t figured out the all important signature melody, and the deadline is coming up. Maybe a walk in nature will inspire him. And as for being helplessly ill, if he could die before it got too bad, he would be satisfied.

Personality… introverted, dedicated, and self-important. Or to put it another way: “He regarded himself as Vaughan Williams’s heir, and considered terms like ‘conservative’ irrelevant.” Clive lives very much in his own head, and regards his music as so important that he would sacrifice his morality to compose it.

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