Cliff Pantone

Cliff Pantone

    Bring It On

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… with his parents and sister Missy. Cliff says he begged his parents for a brother, but he gets along well with Missy—especially when she brings her attractive girlfriends for sleepovers at their house.

Profession… high school student. His family just moved to San Diego from Los Angeles. And the new school is nothing like the one he left.

Interests… listening to The Clash and wearing a studded belt with every outfit. He's also quite a guitar player.

Relationship Status… single. He’s attracted to Torrance, who is a cheerleader on the same team as Missy. Unfortunately for Cliff, Torrance isn't done with her cheating and all-around douchebag boyfriend Aaron yet. But Cliff is confident she’ll come around.

Personality… charming, smart, and just the right amount of edgy. He keeps Torrance grounded by commenting on how ridiculous cheerleading is at times: “spirit fingers, really?” But he still attends all of her cheerleading events even though he doesn’t love the sport. Cliff believes in her and is her biggest supporter. Give us a C for Cliff!


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