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Cleveland Brown

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About Him

Living… a life of zen in Quahog, R.I. Cleveland has the ability to remain extraordinarily relaxed, even in extremely stressful situations. While most other residents of Quahog tend to overreact to almost everything, Cleveland is perennially calm.

Profession… owner and proprietor of Cleveland’s Deli, which may have something to do with his weight issues. Cleveland isn’t the fattest man in Quahog – his friend Peter Griffin has likely locked up that accolade – but he’s not the skinny civil rights warrior that he used to be either.

Interests… defending the interests of African-Americans, and bowling. As one of the only black residents in Quahog, Cleveland feels a responsibility to stand up for his people. That also explains his love of bowling: “I must say I do feel a strange satisfaction watchin’ the black ball topple all those self-righteous white pins.”

Relationship Status… married. Cleveland and his wife Lorraine have one child, Cleveland Jr., who, contrary to his father’s behavior, is hyperactive and energetic. True to Cleveland’s calm and loving nature, he is a good husband. Alas it doesn’t seem that Lorraine always returns his affection or loyalty.

Challenge… surviving the destruction that his neighbor Peter Griffin regularly unleashes on their block. On numerous occasions, the front of Cleveland’s home has been destroyed while he was in the bathtub upstairs, leading to the tub (with a naked Cleveland) being rudely tossed onto his front lawn. Cleveland’s standard reaction is an understandable: “What the hell?! No, no, no, no, no, no!!!”

Personality… laconic, relaxed and sensible. Cleveland is a sweet man who only gets riled up when he sees evidence of racism in the predominantly white city of Quahog, or anywhere else. If that happens, he doesn’t feel the need to be so polite: “Public urination is just wrong, except during the Million Man March when protesters burned our Porta-Potties. Then I used my stream of justice to put out the hate.”

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