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Living… in the Royal Palace in Alexandria, Egypt. A lush, beautiful country, Egypt has managed to escape being conquered by the Roman Empire, and Cleopatra is determined to keep it that way.  

Profession… Queen of Egypt, a job that comes with as many responsibilities as it does perks. As Queen, Cleopatra has beautiful rooms and dozens of servants to wait on her, but she also shoulders the whole weight of Egypt's military and political affairs. Other nations may think such responsibility too much for a mere woman to handle, but Cleopatra sees herself as equal to any man.  

Interests… pleasure, in any and all forms. For all her skill as a ruler, Cleopatra is finely attuned to her needs as a woman. From expensive wines to powerful leaders, she indulges in the best of everything. She especially seems to get a kick out of toying with the hearts of men, flirting with unabashed glee.

Relationship Status… seeing Mark Antony, one of the co-rulers of Rome. There's little doubt that Cleopatra loves Antony, but she seems to enjoy testing his affections, asking him that, "if it be love indeed, tell me how much."  

Challenge… maintaining her hold on Antony's affections. For all her flirtations, Cleopatra is worried about how much Antony truly loves her. After all, in seeing Cleopatra, Antony has already proven untrue to his wife, Fulvia. As a result, how can she "think you can be mine, and true?" And with the political entanglements that threaten Antony's power, Cleopatra is worried that her lover might abandon their love for his reputation...   

Personality… headstrong, sensual, and passionate. Commanding and proud, Cleopatra wears her sexuality without shame and is unafraid to charm her way into getting what she wants. But while her words can be overtly theatrical, there's littlle doubt that the emotions behind them are genuine – and when Cleopatra declares her undying love for Antony, she means it.

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