Clementine Johnson
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Clementine Johnson

Reno 911

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About Her

Living… with a voracious sexual appetite in a smorgasbord of unappealing potential mates: Reno, Nevada. She’s not afraid to strut her stuff while patrolling the streets as a Sheriff’s Deputy, strategically unbuttoning her blouse.

Profession… deputy for the Reno Sheriff’s Department. She also earns some money on the side by performing an exotic dance routine at bachelor parties. In previous lives, she was a Branson, Missouri magician’s assistant and a practicing Wiccan.

Interests… Jaegermeister and Steely Dan. Johnson refers to Steely Dan as “The Dan” and has a tattoo celebrating the jazz rock band on her back.

Relationship Status… hopping from fling to fling. Despite her many, many relationships, Johnson has only tied the knot once. She married an attempted arsonist and burglar named Steed, but eventually discovered that their marriage was invalid because they never acquired a marriage license. And to think an arsonist named Steed wasn’t thorough with his paperwork…

Challenge… finding herself. She has had so many dead-end jobs, so many failed relationships, and so many nights end up in a hazy fog of weed and booze. Then again, she really enjoyed all those nights, so she probably doesn’t think making a change is as necessary as her co-workers do.

Personality… flirtatious, promiscuous, and endlessly in search of a good time. That wild nature extends to her job: Deputy Johnson has a long-running undercover pothead alter-ego named “Tarragon” who she employs to make a bust at the head shop. But to be fair, her regular ego is a pretty big pothead, too.

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