Clayton Bigsby
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Clayton Bigsby

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Living… as an (unwitting) black man in an all-white backwoods community. The otherwise hostile community took pity on Clayton when he was young because he was blind, telling him and all the other blind kids that he was white so he wouldn’t feel alienated. Clayton loves America and dislikes all minorities, pining for their returns to their respective home countries. Obviously, he has never left his own property without a white hood on.

Profession… author and leading voice of the white supremacist movement in America. Though not sold in many major bookstores, his books Dump Truck, N***** Stain, I Smell N******, and N****** Book have sold over 600,000 copies. Nevertheless, he’d never made a single public appearance until his appearance on Frontline, which changed the course of his life forever.

Interests... the media, and its supposed homosexual propaganda. As he puts it: “Don't let the liberal media tell you how to think and feel! If you have hate in your heart, let it out. If you don't like Will & Grace, don't mean there's something wrong with you. Means there's something wrong with Will! He's a homosexual.”

Relationship Status... recently divorced after 19 years of marriage. Clayton instantly ended his marriage once he learned he was African-American. When asked why, he replied that he could not be with someone who dated outside of her race. (Well, he used much harsher language, but that was the gist.)

Challenge… learning to appreciate equality and tolerance, or at least cosmic irony. Clayton is a blind white supremacist with a seething hatred of a race he does not realize he belongs to. He has devoted his life to people who would very much like to see him dead, if only they knew what he looked like. Consider his worldview: “The message of my books is very simple. N******, Jews, Homo-sexuals, Mexican, A-rabs, and all different sorts of [Asians] stink, and I hate 'em! America’s winning the war with al-Qaeda. But we're still losing the war against AAAAAALLLLLLL... SHARPTON!”

Personality… racist and reclusive. Despite being African-American, the white power movement takes advantage of his vitriol because of his popularity. (And because it doesn’t know he’s black.) Frankly, Clayton is too important to the movement for some of them to care what color his skin is. He’s so committed to the cause that finding out he’s African-American might lead him to suicide, so even his close friends have never told him. That’s why this Frontline piece has really shook up his life.

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