Clay Jensen

Clay Jensen

    Thirteen Reasons Why

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Crestmont with a loving mother and father on a nice side of the town. He usually rides to and from school and gets around town on his bike, not without his helmet of course. 

Profession… student at Liberty High. During the summer, he worked concessions at The Crestmont, the town’s movie theatre. That’s where he first met one of his close friends, Hannah Baker. 

Interests… Star Wars. He also likes obscure indie bands and enjoys the comic book series Alien Killer Robots. Aside from immersing himself in pop culture, he loves a good Tootsie roll and Skittles from the vending machine at The Crestmont.

Challenge… dealing with loss. After Hannah’s suicide, Clay figures there must be more than meets the eye. He struggles to balance intense emotions and finding the truth. Clay’s search for the truth takes him on a hunt for 13 cassettes that Hannah made before her death, explain her reasoning. Clay will do whatever it takes to find out the truth, even if it brings him unbearable pain.

Personality… introverted and curious. The last party he was seen at was at his friend’s fourth grade birthday celebration. He’s not the best conversation starter, mostly responding in strings of 10 words or less. Clay mostly keeps to himself and as he describes himself, “Chat’s not really my thing”. But it seems like he’s much more comfortable around Hannah, loosening up and even, dare we say, saying complete sentences. Despite not talking much, he’s a naturally curious teenage boy who asks a lot of questions (and can be guilty of eavesdropping). 


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