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Claudia Salinger

Party of Five

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About Her

Living… in San Francisco without her beloved parents who were killed by a drunk driver. With their parents gone, her older siblings are taking care of her. Her grown brother, Charlie, has become the guardian and makes sure she eats her vegetables with dinner. Her older sister, Julia, cuts her bangs, and her other brother, Bailey, came with other mothers to her school field trip. And they all take turns taking care of their baby brother, Owen. As Claudia says, “Are there many family do that much better? We made through the last nine months. I don’t think it can get much harder than that.”

Profession… student. Claudia is fairly studious, and her passion for violin doesn’t necessarily make her “the it girl” at school.

Interests… the violin. Her mother was an accomplished violinist of national renown, and Claudia seems to have gotten her musical genes. Claudia has been named one of the Bay Area’s most gifted young musicians, but she’s ambivalent about her own talents. Sometimes she just wants to be a normal kid.

Relationship Status… single. Claudia’s only eleven. After witnessing her older siblings’ love life dramas, she is not sure she is going to ready for a relationship any time soon.

Challenge… often feeling left out by her older siblings and having trouble relating to their more mature problems. And on top of that, she doesn’t feel it is fair that she has three older siblings who have authority over her and are keeping watch. When she does rebel, her chances of getting caught and disciplined are that much higher.

Personality… spunky,chatty, and sensitive. Claudia is precocious and often comes across older than she really is. But emotionally, she is struggling just as any eleven-year-old does. 

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Claudia Salinger
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