Claudette Pelage
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Claudette Pelage

Orange Is The New Black

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About Her

Living... with the new inmate Piper in Litchfield Penitentiary. Unfortunately, Piper brings a lot of baggage in a short amount of time. One woman obsessed with Piper even urinated in their cube.

Profession... previously manager of an illegal cleaning service that used child labor. She was sold into child labor when she was younger, but it didn’t make her any more sympathetic for her employees when she became the boss. The rumor is she killed someone who abused one of her laborers, and that dangerous reputation leaves her relatively unbothered.   

Interests… maintaining a clean and orderly cubicle. She wants peace and quiet, but a prison isn’t exactly a beach resort. Fights, messy living conditions and general mental instability among the inmates serve as constant annoyances for Miss Claudette.

Relationship Status... single, without one visitor in her ten years in prison. Jean Baptiste was the man who brought her to the United States to work for a cleaning service, and she always imagined she would end up with him. When he got married, she was devastated, but one day she gets a call that she finally has a visitor. Could it be him?

Challenge... getting out of prision. Miss Claudette recently found out that her case can be reopened due to changes in immigration law. She could get out a lot earlier than expected if her hearing goes well, but as everyone is quick to warn her, those hearings can be intense. Like many situations in Litchfield, the deck is stacked against the inmates.                                                                                                      

Personality... stoic and strict. She expects her roommates to be as immaculate as she is, and if she had her way, the whole prison would be that clean. The younger inmates make fun of Miss Claudette behind her back, but she has a violent streak to watch out for. On the spectrum of grandmotherly figures she’s less “bakes you cookies” and more “bakes you along with your brother Hansel.”

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