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Clark Kent


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Living... in Smallville, Kansas, with his blue-collar farmer parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent who adopted him. He’s just a regular farm boy…whose parents just happen to have a spaceship hiding in the storm cellar. Baby Clark traveled light years in that ship from the planet Krypton to get to Earth. And lucky for him, the loving couple that found him raised him to represent truth, justice, and the American way, with or without superpowers.

Profession... high school student, Smallville Torch writer, and protector of mankind. Normal teenage stuff. But all his current day trials and tribulations are really just lessons he needs to learn for his more important future job: Superman. Discovering the yellow sun gives him his powers and that those mysterious green rocks hurt him are just the beginning.

Interests… leaping tall buildings in a single bound, running faster than a speeding bullet, hanging out with his friends, and dreaming of life in the big city. Clark Kent might be the last hope of planet Krypton, but he’s also trying to make it through high school. If only he’d discovered his powers earlier, maybe he’d be the popular jock instead of Lana Lang’s boyfriend, Whitney Fordman.

Relationship Status... single, despite all his puppy-dog looks toward Lana Lang. While she’s off with Whitney, Clark becomes closer with his student-reporter friend Chloe. But how can he explain to Chloe that he only abandoned her at the school dance because he knew Lana was in trouble miles away?

Challenge... living a double life, reconciling his alien past with his desire to fit in with humans, avoiding kryptonite all over the place, and fighting an endless parade of angry supernatural teens. Oh, and getting the pretty Lana Lang to talk to him. That actually might be toughest of all.                                                                          

Personality... optimistic and heroic. Still, he has self-doubt when it comes to fitting in with humans and living up to his destiny. He can’t save everyone, no matter how hard he tries. But what’s important is that he tries pretty damn hard.

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