Clarissa Vaughan
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Clarissa Vaughan

The Hours

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Grew Up… with Richard, her closest friend and sometimes lover. Clarissa will never forget the holiday she had as a young woman with Richard and his lover Louis. The three of them were extremely vivacious and on the cusp of something great.

Living… in New York City at the end of the 20th Century. Clarissa is planning on hosting a party for Richard, who has recently won the Carruthers Award for his lifetime achievement in poetry. Clarissa tries to take pleasure in the gorgeous and transcendent little details of her day, while coping with the fact that Richard is dying of AIDS.

Profession… publisher. She never nurtured her own art the way Richard did. She instead invests all of her effort into getting difficult authors like Richard published.

Interests… flowers, movie stars, imagining the possibilities of a different past for herself, and keeping a positive attitude. Many of Clarrissa’s friends have fallen ill to the terrible and deadly AIDS virus, so she spends her time trying to keep on the bright side of life.

Relationship Status… in a relationship with Sally, a TV producer. Clarissa is bisexual, and she once had a freewheeling relationship with Richard, as well as Richard’s lover Louis.

Challenge… helping Richard enjoy what time he has left. Clarissa puts a lot of effort into making Richard comfortable and happy. She comes to his apartment to make sure he’s taking his medication and promises to help him prepare for the party she’s throwing.

Personality… contemplative and introspective. Clarissa spends a lot of time in her own head, letting her stream of consciousness carry her through the day, deep into memories of her past with Richard, alternate lives they might have had together, and through the murky depths of her subconscious mind. Clarissa is a sensitive spirit whose older age won’t make her give up on life.

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