Clarence Worley
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Clarence Worley

True Romance

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About Him

Living… in Detroit, yearning for adventures. He sadly says, “It's real frustrating to be surrounded by airplanes when you ain't got [nothin']… All day long I'm seeing, hearing people doing what I wanted to do most, but couldn't.”

Profession… working in a comic book store called Heroes For Sale. Alabama, his wife, thinks the store is super-cool. Clarence goes there at night to hang out, read comic books, and play music. It’s where he’s comfortable and it's easy work – he gets to just hang out and talk about comic books all day.

Interests… watching movies and learning everything about them. Clarence makes a clear distinction between films and movies. He explains, “Do you know what films are? They're for people who don't like movies. ‘Mad Max,’ that's a movie. ‘The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly,’ that's a movie. ‘Rio Bravo,’ that's a movie…. I could watch ‘em and talk about ‘em all day.”

Relationship Status… just married Alabama. She’s the sweetest girl Clarence ever met. He says, “You can tell I'm in love with her. You can tell by my face, can't ya? It's a dead giveaway. It's written all over it. Ya know what? She loves me back.”

Challenge… getting to safety in one piece. Clarence inadvertently stole drugs from a mobster, and is now on the run with Alabama. Even though thugs are after them, Clarence wants to sell the drugs so that he can provide Alabama the luxurious life she deserves. He is in over his head, though. Buyers can tell Clarence is an amateur and are only offering him a fraction of the coke’s real cost.

Personality… opportunist, naïve, and lucky. He’s real lovable – that’s how he’s able to become friends with the film producer Lee Donowitz and even charm the cops who want to take him down. But he’s loyal to Alabama over everyone else, so that’s why he has no problem conning everyone but her.

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