Clarence Goobril
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Clarence Goobril


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About Him

Living… in Los Angeles. Clarence lives in a nice house with his wife, Hannah, and his step-daughter Belle. 

Profession… team-building coach. But more importantly, living a quiet life at a boring desk job with his wife and step-daughter. But when his cousin Rell’s cat is stolen, Rell, in attempt to get his cat back, pulls Clarence into the world of gangs, drugs, and violence.

Interests… George Michael. Clarence is a huge fan of his, and even gets the gang members of the gang involved in his music. Clay

Relationship Status… happily married… almost. Though he has a great relationship with his wife, Hannah, she tells him that she wants him to stop calculating everything and just relax and have a good time while she is away. Hannah and her daughter are going on a weekend trip with her daughter’s friend and her dad, Spencer. Spencer tells Hannah that his wife is sick. Clarence worries about how that might affect his own marriage, but decides to let it go due to his wife’s request for him to be more relaxed. 

Challenge… get Rell’s cat back. Rell’s house is raided by a gang, and his cat, Keanu, is stolen. Rell and Clarence must help gang leader, Cheddar, sell his new drug. Clarence must let go of his uptight personality and replace it with that of a stone cold thug, at risk of being killed by the gangsters. 

Personality… stressed, tightly-wound, and milquetoast. Clarence is constantly worrying about how he is affecting other people, and whether or not he is doing what people want him to do. He is very high-strung and worries about everything.

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