Clara Oswald

Clara Oswald

    Doctor Who

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... happily with her mom and dad in Blackpool, England, in the 21st century. But when Clara was 19 her mother died, leaving her whole world shaken.

Living... in Chiswick, London, with a recently widowed family friend and his two kids. Though Clara enjoys being a caretaker, she’s also feeling a bit stuck in her life.

Visiting... all of time and space. When the Doctor invites her onboard his TARDIS time machine, Clara jumps at the chance to fulfill her dreams of traveling while still being able to return to her normal life exactly as she left it. What Clara doesn’t know, however, is that the Doctor has met other women who look just like her throughout various points in history, and he wants to solve the mystery of his “Impossible Girl.”

Profession... nanny. Clara was planning to travel after she graduated from university. But when a family friend died, Clara decided to stick around and help take care of her two kids.

Interests... traveling, reading (especially about Robin Hood), taking care of kids, and making soufflés. Clara has a journal called “101 Places To See,” but until recently she’s had little opportunity to actually do the traveling she dreams about. Instead, she has to merely read about other people’s adventures (although not on the Internet, which she’s terrible at using). She’s also got a knack for relating to kids and for whipping up her mom’s soufflé recipe.

Relationship Status... single. So when an attractive, young (looking) Time Lord offers to take show her all of time and space, Clara starts to wonder if he has other motives as well.

Challenge... finding balance. While most of the Doctor’s companions travel full-time, Clara is adamant about returning to her personal life frequently, too. She keeps up her nannying duties while she travels, and although she’d prefer to keep her two lives totally separate, that isn’t always possible. 

Personality... cautious, empathetic, and brave. Clara prefers to have a plan rather than improvise, and she’s more than happy to follow instructions. She once explained, “The only reason I'm still alive is because I do what the Doctor says.” However, Clara also has a strong desire to help people, and that motivates her throughout her travels. When she’s feeling particularly scared, she’ll use humor to mask her fear.


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