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Grew Up…before she got married, Clara was a cheerleader and a sorority girl. She partied hard, and probably drank a fair amount.

Living… in front of her computer screen. Clara has three young children, and she stays at home, so you would think she would be taking care of them. But actually, she’s busy playing an online role-playing game, as part of a guild called the Knights of Good.

Profession… stay-at-home mom. Usually, Clara puts her two older children in the kitchen, barricaded off by a play gate, and then she puts the baby in a crib until her sore breasts remind her to feed him. In game, she’s a Frost Mage. She uses her real name as her game handle, because her husband got mad when the kids picked up on her old name, Mominatrix.

Interests… mostly gaming. Clara puts gaming before her kids, and before her husband. She’s been known to leave the computer for her pole-dancing class, though. When her guild members expressed irritation, she said, “I have to stay limber. How do you think I had three babies in three years?”

Relationship Status… married. Her husband works in pharmaceuticals, and seems rather long-suffering, probably because he’s had to put up with Clara’s irresponsibility. She does love him, though, and it seems that their sex life is probably pretty good, if you listen to Clara.

Challenge… keeping herself happy. Clara doesn’t really think too hard about the deeper meaning  of life, or where she should go from here. She just wants to keep gaming, and occasionally eat pancakes. But sometimes real life has responsibilities that she can’t wiggle out of. Can Clara stop gaming long enough to be a good wife and mother?

Personality… air-headed, frank, and irresponsible. Clara isn’t too smart, and has difficulty concentrating on multiple things. Although she’s frighteningly neglectful of her children, they seem to be fine, and Clara occasionally comes out with surprising bits of wisdom.

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