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Grew Up... at Hyperion. Like all CL4P-TP units, Claptrap was manufactured by Hyperion, the brutal arms company that controls Pandora.

Living... on Pandora. Pandora is a mysterious recently discovered planet full of hostile alien wildlife. However, rumors also say it’s full of extremely valuable treasure just waiting to be found, making it a box of riches that countless greedy souls from throughout the galaxy come to try and open.

Profession... general-purpose robot. Claptrap is designed to aid his owners however he can. However, he isn’t always the most competent steward and frequently needs to be repaired himself.

Interests... ninja assassinations. With the right instructions, Claptrap has the secret, rarely used ability to become an elite shinobi killer. As he says, “We CL4P-TP units can be programmed to do anything from open doors to ninja-sassinate highly important janitorial officials!”

Relationship Status... lonely. Claptrap is built to serve, and becomes desperately lonely without company of some kind. Unfortunately, his annoying personality tends to drive people away.

Challenge... getting revenge against Handsome Jack. Claptrap has a personal grudge against maniacal Hyperion CEO Handsome Jack after he tried to eliminate the entire CL4P-TP line due to their problems. Claptrap only barely escaped destruction. Seeing this as an attempted genocide, Claptrap wants to help the Vault Hunters bring Jack down.
Personality... enthusiastic. Claptrap is talkative and cocky but also cowardly and overly enthusiastic. He’s very expressive for a robot.

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