Claire Dearing

Claire Dearing

    Jurassic World
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... on Isla Nublar, an island off the coast of Costa Rica and where the Jurassic World theme park is located.

Profession... Jurassic World Operations Manager. She meets with investors and makes sure the park is running smoothly and, more importantly for her, meeting the revenue goals. Claire’s job is her life, so she doesn’t spend much time on anything else. This is the source of conflict between her and her sister, who thinks Claire doesn’t spend enough time with her family members.

Interests...  she doesn’t do much outside of work, but based on her stellar sartorial choices, she probably has at least a passing interest in fashion. She’s rocking a safari-esque suit, and her high heels are practically magical, seeing as they stay on the entire time as she rushes around the park.

Relationship Status... single. She once went on a date with Owen Grady, a Velociraptor trainer at Jurassic World, but their personalities clashed. She found his manners appalling and he complained that she was too uptight: “What kind of diet doesn’t allow tequila?” Now they have a tense work relationship that still often devolves into insults. Yet they keep finding themselves thrown together lately, so they’ll have to learn to deal with each other.

Challenge... keeping park attendance and revenue up while making sure the park-goers are safe. Unfortunately, it seems those can be contradictory goals.  Corporate wants to increase the number of people coming to the park, so they’ve created a new dinosaur that’s bigger and badder than the T. Rex. This makes Claire’s job more difficult because it means she’ll have to work with Owen once again to make sure that the new dinosaur is contained.

Personality... workaholic, serious, a little too strait-laced. Owen says that Claire doesn’t know how to have fun, and maybe there’s some truth to that. But that doesn’t mean she disregards park-goers’ safety or that she won’t get down and dirty when she needs to. She would be the last person to want a repeat of what happened at Jurassic World’s precursor, Jurassic Park, in which the dinosaurs got loose and wreaked havoc. In her words, if you are being chased: “RUUUNN!!”


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