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Claire Stanfield


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About Him

Overview... the greatest assassin in the world. And make no mistake, he's not going to let you forget it. Ever since his childhood as a circus acrobat, Claire's been a natural at whatever he does – and it just so happens that what he does best is fighting. These days, Claire works as a part-time assassin for the Gandors, the mafia family that adopted him as a child. But even his adoptive brothers find it hard to figure Claire out.

Personality... competent, cocky, and delusional. Due to being so overwhelmingly stronger than others, Claire's developed an odd philosophy on life. Namely, that everyone except him is part of a grand delusion he's having. That doesn't stop Claire from caring for his friends, though, and he does have a strong sense of justice. It's an odd, bloody sense of justice, but it's something. 

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