Claire Spencer
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Claire Spencer

What Lies Beneath

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Overview... a housewife in Vermont who gave up her music for her marriage. Lately, however, strange things have been happening in her house. She feels as if she’s interacting with a paranormal presence. Anyone she turns to sees it as a sign of madness or a cry for attention. Granted, ever since her daughter left for school, there have been gaps in her memory. It's hard to remember when things ended or began. She mixes up her dreams with her day-to-day life. It's hard to keep it all in order.

Personality... regretful, repressed, and resentful. She’s been trying to make amends with her life now, but her husband Norman isn’t making it easy. Norman had to top his perfect Daddy, and that meant having the perfect wife and a perfect family. That’s a lot of pressure. In spite of Claire’s unhappiness, she insists she knows what she saw and heard, and it was more than just a “symptom” of something. She refuses to believe she’s some lonely, middle-aged woman cracking up.

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