Claire Rawlings
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Claire Rawlings

The Boss

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About Her

Living… in Chicago, Illinois. Claire lives with her daughter in a small apartment that is right above a bodega. 

Profession… Claire was the assistant for business tycoon Michelle Darnell. When Michelle was arrested for insider trading, she took up a boring office job. But Michelle is a crafty businesswoman, and she wants Claire’s help with her latest scheme…

Interests… Claire is a single mother, so she spends all of her time working and taking care of her daughter. But Claire also has a special talent for baking brownies, using her family’s secret recipe.

Relationship Status… single. After having her daughter, Claire took a permanent hiatus from dating. But in her office, her co-worker Mike seems interested…

Challenge… managing a business with Michelle. Claire has never been much of a risk taker, but when Michelle urges her to accept her proposal for business partnership selling her brownies, she suddenly finds herself wrapped up in the high stakes world of business. Additionally, Claire has to make it work as a single mom. 

Personality… cautious and reserved. Claire is not a risk-taker out of fear of failing. She keeps her life relatively quiet and spends her time either at work or at home. Claire is incredibly logical, but this can hold her back and stop her from putting herself out there. She cares a lot about her daughter and values her family over everything.

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