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Claire Littleton


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Living... on a dangerous island, prepared to give birth any day now. Claire has a baby boy on the way, still kicking even after her plane is torn apart mid-air over the Pacific on a flight from her native Australia to Los Angeles.

Profession... soon-to-be single mother. Claire has her own issues to deal with, so she doesn’t join in on many of the survivors’ inland missions. She does become the reason for a jungle adventure, though, when the mysterious Ethan kidnaps her away from the base camp. Why is he so obsessed with her pregnancy – and more importantly, why isn’t he on the flight manifest?

Interests… who knows? It can be tough to find time for hobbies when you don’t have basics like running water or a monster-less neighborhood. But Charlie is a good buddy for joking around. They share an empty jar, pretending it’s peanut butter, one of Claire’s favorites.

Relationship Status... in a relationship with former rock star (and current drug addict) Charlie. Well, as much of a relationship as possible in a place with no obvious date-night spots. Charlie immediately comes to her aid when she arrives on the island lonely and worried. She tells him she thinks the other survivors are scared of her: “The baby, it’s like I’m this time bomb of responsibility just waiting to go off.” Charlie assures her, “You don’t scare me.”

Challenge... cravings, morning sickness, and aches and pains. Being eight months pregnant is hard enough when you’re not trapped on an island, fighting for your life. What could be more stressful than not only delivering your baby in the middle of nowhere, but potentially raising him there, too? Claire has a much harder task than most on the island – she’s surviving for two. 

Personality... quiet and unsure, but you would be too if you were about to deliver a child on a deserted island at the age of 22 after your plane crashed. Especially when it turns out the island might not be deserted after all, but instead inhabited by all manner of dangerous beings – human and otherwise. Luckily Claire crashed along with a great support system. Charlie, Jin and even noted con-man Sawyer help her out, and she warms up as her future (seemingly) becomes less and less scary.

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