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Claire Howell


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About Her

Grew up… showing a penchant for dominance. Claire’s personality suits her job as a correctional officer: she loves to control and coerce, especially when it comes to her sex life.

Living… with an intense anger that she finds difficult to control. Claire is a walking timebomb, just waiting for something to set her off. She can’t contain her violent impulses, and either takes it out with a routine beating or with a forced sexual encounter.

Profession… correctional officer (or CO) in Oswald State Penitentiary, i.e. “Oz.” Claire has trouble channeling her bellicosity to the prisoners alone. In fact, she often finds herself taking her anger out on her fellow staff members. Her fellow CO Diane Whittlesey tells her, “You try to be everyone’s worst nightmare.”

Interests… sex. Claire has an intense sexual drive that often manifests itself in a violent way. 

Relationship Status… involved with her boss, Tim McManus, whom she describes as “dreamy.” She unleashes an animal jealousy when she sees him comforting Diana Whittlesey in a time of crisis. “I saw the way you were holding her,” Claire screams at Tim. “That was MORE than comfort!”

Challenge… learning to control her violent outbursts before they cause her any more serious trouble. Claire’s impulses have put her job and her life in jeopardy. Her will to dominate overrides her rationality.

Personality… mercurial. Despite her anger issues, Claire can put on a very sweet face when she finds it necessary. Though she can switch from sweet and caring to violent and vitriolic in an instant.

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