Claire Fisher
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Claire Fisher

Six Feet Under

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About Her

Grew up… trying to escape her strange family life. Claire, as a teenager, found comfort in drug abuse and rebellion. Life is not so simple when you grow up around so much talk of death.

Living… at her family’s funeral home. Claire, the youngest Fisher child, is still not used to the atmosphere of Fisher & Sons. When a corpse’s foot goes missing, Claire seems to be the only person who understands just how strange that sort of incident is: “I know that stealing a foot is weird. But, hello, living in a house where a foot is available to be stolen is weird.”

Profession... student. Like funeral homes, high schools can also be spooky places filled with drama and decay, but at least there are a lot fewer cadavers.

Interests… photography. Claire has always been known as the artist in the Fisher family, and her chosen medium is the camera. She finds inspiration in her bizarre family life.

Relationship Status… either single, or involved in something messy. Claire generally has a difficult time with her romantic life. Unfortunately, she tends to find herself drawn to difficult, damaged and deranged partners, such as her high school boyfriend, Gabe. 

Challenge… finding herself. Claire’s rebellious tendencies stem from her desire to make a place for herself in the world. Living among so much talk of death is certainly not healthy for a girl of Claire’s age. “I feel like I’m trapped underwater,” she says.

Personality… sarcastic and melancholy. Although she constantly admonishes her friends and family, she can also be kind, sweet and supportive when her loved ones are in need.

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