Claire Cleary
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Claire Cleary

Wedding Crashers

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Overview... the radiant daughter of the U.S. Treasury Secretary. Claire is serving as the maid of honor at her older sister’s wedding when a dashing “wedding crasher” named John begins to court her. There are only two complications: 1) Claire already has a serious boyfriend, the lunk-headed Sack Lodge; 2) John is pretending to be someone else as part of his tried-and-true strategy to crash weddings with his best friend Jeremy. Somehow John and Jeremy wrangle a post-wedding invitation to the Clearys’ weekend party at the family compound, where the mayhem escalates.

Personality… deep-thinking and honorable, but uncertain in her life. She is much better behaved than her younger sister Gloria, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t know how to have fun. John helps bring out this side of her, but given how much she prizes honesty, he may never be able to overcome the fact that he started wooing her while pretending to be someone else. Claire does care about appearances, which may be one reason while she’s stuck it out with the patrician Sack, but hopefully she’ll learn to follow her heart.

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